Welcome! Your company is now one step closer to becoming We Exist Approved. 


We Exist Approved means that we, the We Exist team, will do an analysis of your company and give you a reality check and some action points to work on in order to become approved by us. 


Being approved means that you have the right policies, tools and skillset to be a female-friendly workplace and that you know how to maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment for your employees. 


When you are approved, you will get access to our candidate base and we are happy to recruit one or more of our candidates to your team!




We make an inventory and analysis of where on the gender equality scale your company is today. We collect data, go through your employer branding and read your internal policies to give you feedback on what you need to work on in order to become We Exist Approved and get access to our candidates. 



After we have mapped out where you are today, we come up with feedback and make plans together to make sure you become the warm, inclusive and welcoming workplace our candidates want to work and stay at.



When you have given us the material we need and have done the work we asked you to do, your company is officially We Exist Approved. You now get access to our candidates and can share our logo on your platform and brag to the world that you are awesome and WE Approved!   


  • The We Exist logo to use on your website.

  • Share posts, news, articles and press about our collaboration on your platforms. 

  • We Exist will share posts, news, articles and press about our collaboration on our platforms.

  • We will tell our candidates that your company is WE approved which will make your company an attractive workplace for women and non-binaries.



What does it cost to get WE approved? 

The price varies depending on where you are today, how big your company is & what needs to be done. Contact us to get a quote. 


How long does it take to get WE approved? 

It depends on you! Sometimes it's enough with you showing us your policies and internal data and training material. In the best-case scenario, we approve what you show us and we approve you within a few days. But if your company has some work to do, it can take a couple of weeks to get everything in place. 

Can my company get WE approved without us recruiting via you?  

Of course! We can get you We Exist Approved by going through the steps and giving you the certificate. You can then use our logo on your website and we will promote you on our platforms saying you are WE approved. But you don't have to recruit via us. 

How long will my We Exist approved certificate last?
The We Exist approved certificate will be reviewed and renewed once a year.

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