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Stop talking, start doing!

Uppdaterat: 24 nov. 2022

Do you want to see a difference in the tech industry? Be the difference. Make the changes. Instead of saying "no women apply to our company", take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what YOU can do!

"No women apply to our company"

Stop for a while and consider: which photos and language are you using in your communication, which employees are you highlighting on your website, which stories do you tell your customers, and which values are you promoting?

A company that walks the talk!

This is a great example of a company truly expressing its values, embodying female empowerment and saying "hey woman, you deserve to feel safe -both at work and in your private life".

The CEO of the dating service Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, started an internal policy team of her own with one of its core missions to make the internet safer for women. Also, while most tech teams in the same area are focusing on stopping legislation that could hurt tech, Bumble's team is actively pushing legislation across the U.S to stop behaviour that hurts women — both online and offline.

Stop behaviour that hurts women — both online and offline.

What can YOU do?

Now it's your turn -what's the smallest action you could take today to make a difference? And what if you decided to go BIG, imagine the impact you could make.

In an industry where a lot of companies want to work with equality but only a few do it all the way -be the company that stands out, it's not that hard!

And if you want help to get started, email 🧡


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