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We got your back.

Uppdaterat: 3 maj 2022

The reason why We Exist have a process for companies, before sending any candidate, and the important steps to get there.

"Why do you have a process for companies, before sending any candidate?"☀️ Companies bear much of the responsibility for increasing female and non-binary representation and visibility in tech, and it can be tricky to know the right actions or ways to attract, recruit and keep them - we all have felt that for a while now, right? ;) Looking at the reality, it doesn't look like it is getting any better either. That is why We Exist, exist. We want to make sure that the companies we're sending our candidates to are tuning with We Exists values. Therefore, the companies we are recruiting need to be AWARE of the gender gap in the industry, DEDICATED to reducing it and are RESPECTFUL to females and non-binaries, we are doing a We Exist Approved process. This kind of process kind can enable them to recruit more women, retain them and spotlight their achievements.

Companies need to be aware of the gender gap, dedicated to reducing it, and respectful to females and non-binaries

We do this by reviewing discrimination policies, doing an assessment and having leadership meetings with companies before providing any candidates. We believe that just employing more females and non-binaries wouldn't change the tech industry if the culture stays the same. It's not a lack of interest that keeps women from pursuing tech-related occupations. It’s an unsupportive culture and an undervaluing of their capabilities. So a good starting point to getting women in tech is creating a supportive culture.

"We believe that just employing females and non-binaries wouldn't change the tech industry if the culture stays the same"

We commit to everything we do and expect the same in return from our customers, candidates and partners. Gender equality is a matter for everyone, not just women. We are in this together and we need everyone on board. By taking the small steps toward a more safe, positive, committed workplace we look forward and not backwards - focusing on the solutions we provide for our candidates and the companies we work with. - "Are you with us?" - "YES!"

- "Way to go! We got your back." 🧡


If your company want to become We Exist Approved, we are just one email away:

Join the We Exist Community and see all our jobs here on this link:


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