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Have you seen the sign?

Uppdaterat: 2 maj 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear sign to look for to know if a company treats women well? This is exactly what We Exist Approved is: your sign!

Become We Exist Approved and attract more women to your company!

How can you know if a company treats women well and understands what equality is?

The tech industry is still male-dominated and has a culture that isn't very welcoming for women (and not for all men as well). We have heard several stories from women not being treated nicely or respectfully, along with studies that show that women even want to leave the tech industry due to its culture. In contrast, Swedish studies have shown that we in a few years will lack 70 000 people within it and tech. In order to meet this need, those seats can't be filled only by men. Yes, we need more women who want to be a part of and stay within tech. And though it might seem bold, our goal is to change the mindset of the tech industry to become more female friendly.

Therefore, when a company reach out to us we start with looking at their level of equality awareness. For example we look at:

  • Do they want to be a company that strives for equality?

  • Do they understand the value of equality and having a diverse workforce?

  • Is equality an important subject that is discussed during board meetings?

  • Does management know how to handle harassment and discrimination?

How to find a female friendly workplace

We want you to work at a company where you feel safe, respected, seen for whom you are and valued for it. This is what We Exist Approved means.

When we have worked with a company and made sure that they are aware and know how to treat women, we give them the sign: they get to use our statement logo to show you and the rest of the world that they are a female-friendly workplace. And as science has shown: if a company has made sure that females thrive, usually other groups of discrimination do too.

To put it simple, all we want to do is to make sure that the tech industry is equal to everyone and understands how to treat women well. We want companies to learn both to attract, recruit and KEEP women in their workplace. We want both women and men to view the tech industry as a natural choice when choosing careers and that means feeling a sense of belonging. Females and non-binaries, you belong in tech and we have created a sign which tells you where you will be valued -ask for this next time you apply for a job.

Equality and inclusion at your company.


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