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We help companies attract, recruit & keep female and non-binary individuals in tech and we help our candidates find their dream job. 


Let's find your next colleague! You decide how involved you want us to be in the recruitment process. We have a standard process but can of course adjust it depending on your company's needs.  






Why choose We Exist

We have one of Sweden's largest candidate bases of female and non-binary individuals in tech and are happy to match them with your company. Whether you need help filling a specific position right now or if you have a recurring need to find awesome talents - we are happy to help! 


We only present highly relevant candidates and 88% of them reach the final recruitment stage.



Our clients report a 42% increase in reaching potential candidates through our Employer Branding campaigns.



We are your ambassador among the women and non-binary individuals in Tech. Through our interviews, campaigns and warm communication with our candidate base, we make sure you are known as an employer they want to work for

"I have never had this many good candidates in the same process."

-TA at large tech company

"I'm happy that we choose to collaborate with you, it was a very smooth process"

-Hiring manager at a startup

Inclusion and Diversity for the win! 

Our goal is to contribute to a more equal tech industry.  We want to give your company the skills you need to become a  workplace that feels respectful, welcoming and inclusive.

Surveys show that companies that consciously work with gender equality are more competitive, profitable, innovative and have a higher level of well-being among their employees. We know what companies need to do to attract, recruit and keep female employees, so let us together ensure that you become a workplace where females and non-binaries thrive and want to stay.

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