Hiring only one female or non-binary employee on your team does not solve the gender equality issue at your company. The work for a more equal workplace needs to be carried out on several different levels and with joint efforts throughout the company. We, therefore, help our customers to actively work with gender equality by offering a complete solution. 



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Job ads

Creating an attractive ad that is perceived as relevant in both colour, image and text are extremely important to reach the women you are looking for. We know that the ad is a crucial step at the start of a recruitment process.


Do you want us to look at your existing ads and see how you can update the text and imagery? Contact us and we are happy to help!

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Leadership training

How do you create and maintain a welcoming climate for your female employees? As a leader, you are the driving force in the long-term change and you set the tone and agenda by showing what is important in your team.


In our leadership training, we go through how you best respond to and address issues and challenges with your employees in an inclusive way. 


Lectures and workshops

Gender equality is not just an issue for women, we, therefore, want to reach all your employees to talk about the importance and value of working with inclusion on a daily basis. This is something everyone at the company actively needs to work with. 


We go through research and data on how gender equality benefits you as a company and then present concrete tips and tools on how you can get there.