Welcome to one of Sweden’s largest communities of female & non-binary talents within tech.

By being a part of our community you get the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and empowered by other women in the industry. You will also be invited to happenings, events and lectures that will benefit your personal development and career.

Whether you are looking for a new job right now or not - you are always welcome to be a part of our community. It is of course free of charge and we aim to build Sweden's largest female & non-binary communities within Tech and IT.

If you are looking for a job through us, we will help you match with companies that actively work with gender equality and inclusion. We work with many companies but far from everyone who contacts us, we only say YES to work with companies that are willing to commit 100% and to actively work with the gender equality matter on a long-term level. 

What are you waiting for?

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Our candidates are our queens and the reason we founded We Exist is for the female and non-binary individuals in the industry. We know you exist and we want to give you your best job ever! We want to improve your professional life and guarantee you that the companies we recruit you to actively work with gender equality and are inclusive and conscious workplaces. Our goal is not to be another recruitment company that gives you an OK job, no-no.


We are doing our absolute best to match you with a workplace where you will grow, blossom, be respected and feel included. We work with many companies, but far from everyone who contacts us. The companies we choose to work with, we examine carefully before any of our queens are presented to them. You are fantastic and therefore we only want to work with companies that can match you.


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You gave me so much positive energy yesterday I can’t even explain!

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Trygg kvinna

I would like to once again thank you for the fresh breath of air my conversation with you was!

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You are truly amazing and I genuinely love this so much natural way you approach the task of matching employers and employees!

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Thank you for creating such a great interview atmosphere for me.

Thank you sooo much for the wonderful meeting.
I felt I could completely be me without hiding my emotions and my thoughts.


When we talk to females and non-binaries in the industry we have noticed that many of them have a lot of bad experiences, and carry self-doubt and negative images about themselves and the industry.


This is not what we signed up for! We should not have to deal with disrespect at the workplace, bad jokes, lower salary or not being taken seriously; just because you're a female or non-binary individual.


When you experience this kind of environment for a long time, it's easy to believe that this is how it's supposed to be and we start to even question ourselves and our values. 


Because of all of this we believe it is time for change and empowerment, a transition where companies realize they should be treating our candidates like royalty: with respect & dignity, valuing them like diamonds.

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