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We Exist is a recruitment company that helps companies attract, recruit and retain female & non-binary individuals in their tech departments. We are passionate about improving the lives of women and changing their work situations. We strive for gender equality and want to inspire, empower and recruit awesome females and non-binary individuals in tech.


We know how to find the talent and what companies need to do to both attract and keep these queens.

Surveys show that equal companies are more profitable. We, therefore, want to help your company to become both more profitable and equal by recruiting one or more women to your team. 


We only match our tech talents with companies that actively work with equality and inclusion. We work with a lot of companies, but far from everyone who contacts us. We only say YES to working with companies willing to commit 100% and who share our mission to make the industry more diverse.

Are you a company that wants to be the best workplace? Are you a female or non-binary individual who is ready for your best job? Welcome to We Exist!




Improve the lives of females and non-binary individuals




Our mission is to educate companies about equality and to empower females and non-binary individuals, matching them with companies who respect and treat them well. Our focus is on females and non-binary individuals within tech companies who need these skills. We set demands on our customers by doing a thorough inventory and an equality plan going forward.



Something we want to provide both our females and non-binary individuals,  and the companies we work with.


Look forward and not backwards. Let's focus on the solutions.


Gender equality is a matter for everyone, not just for females or non-binary individuals. We are in this together and we need everyone on board.


We commit to everything we do and expect the same in return from our

customers, canditates and partners.



Anna Volby


CEO & Founder

Our mother of dragons with a great interest in gender equality! Anna takes care of the companies that want to become We Exist Approved and make sure that WE stay on track with our mission to change the tech industry.  

Passion: Dancing

Superpower: Positive mindset


Donya Azizi Babani


Recruitment and Diversity Manager

Our rockstar with a deep enthusiasm for Diversity and Inclusion! Donya is passionate about building bridges between our candidates and the company of their dreams. Want to become a more inclusive employer, send Donya an email!

Passion: Rock music

Superpower: Analysing people


Yasmin Essafi

Sales and Customer Success Manager

Our client specialist, helping companies finding their best solution and way forward when it comes to improving gender equality and inclusion. If you want to become a client to We Exist then Yasmin is your go-to-person!

Passion: Adventures

Superpower: Getting results


Nicolina Lottsfeldt

Brand & Relationship Specialist

Meet our dog-loving coworker who never turns away a good book or helping others to reach the next level of empowerment. If you happen to pass the middle of Skåne, make sure to schedule a fika to enjoy life together with Nicolina.

Passion: Dogs

Superpower: Coaching


Medina Suhonjic

Talent Acquisition Agent

A curious and imaginative person who loves to dive deep into new subjects is some of the great characteristics you find in our beloved Medina. If you're looking for a job in tech make sure to send her an email! 

Passion: Painting

Superpower: Seeing the bigger picture

instagram ht 22 (1).png

Sanmita Shivakumar Vali

Talent Acquisition Agent

Our own gardener who always wants to learn from other people and cultures. Sanmita is a determined person who sets a goal and make sure to achieve it, what a great mindset when helping you find your dream job!

Passion: Field hockey

Superpower: Grit



Try your skills with us!

If you are looking for an internship within administration, marketing, recruitment, sales or similar - you are welcome to reach out!

Image by Lidya Nada


Open application

We are always looking for happy and bright people to join the We Exist team. Welcome with your application! 🧡

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